Amaya Confirms Full Tilt and PokerStars Player Pools Merger

Amaya Confirms Full Tilt and PokerStars Player Pools Merger

Canadian online gambling giant Amaya Inc. confirmed on Tuesday that its on-line poker brands PokerStars and Comprehensive Tilt will merge their player pools to produce a solitary poker product. Reports about a merger that is possible in a number of poker-oriented forums earlier this week. Amaya also said that the pooling of its brands is finished this springtime.

The gambling company further explained so it has decided on this relocate order in order to spotlight enhancing the operations of a market-leading that is single as opposed to two split ones. Thus, it will be able to provide players with better experience also to deliver innovations more quickly and effortlessly.

Both PokerStarts and Full Tilt are run by the Rational Group, a company established by entrepreneurs Isai and Mark Scheinberg and acquired by Amaya in the summer of 2014, after President and CEO David Baazov landed a unprecedented deal worth $4.9 billion.

In 2011, both brands, with PokerStars nevertheless owned by the Scheinbergs, were chased away from the US market in disgrace, after presumably providing unlawful gambling options here and processing payments regarding the said services. As part of funds deal with the government, PokerStars agreed to get all Full Tilt’s assets and to forfeit the total amount of $547 million more than a period that is three-year. From the time, the 2 poker spaces are running as separate brands.

Commenting on the statement concerning the two brands’ merger, Rational Group CEO Rafi Ashkenazi stated this essential action will cause players profiting from a more substantial pool of opponents, a wider variety of games, and larger prize pools. Continue reading Amaya Confirms Full Tilt and PokerStars Player Pools Merger